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Customer Service

Full Cycle Staffing & Support Available!

Our Clinical Support service provides organizations with comprehensive administrative, clinical, and financial support. Our team of experienced professionals will guide you through the complexities of managing a healthcare organization, offering tailored solutions that best fit your needs. From clinical assistance to billing and compliance, the We are here to help you succeed.

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Grant Life Cycle Consulting

CCA helps new and existing non-profits and social service organizations obtain funding for businesses that are serving the community. 

With a team of dynamic experts, we are here to provide companies with tools to obtain funding, while successfully growing their business. 

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Organization Training and Development

CCA provides training to help cultivate and equip Clinicians and Staff to ensure efficiency and effectiveness for your served population. CCA offers CEU based trainings and standard trainings to ensure your company is compliant with state and federal mandates. 

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Human Resource Consulting

Our premier Clinical Recruitment Services allows us to partner with companies in need of employees that align with the company's vision. This service includes sourcing, recruitment, candidate development, and business partnering. From start-up businesses to large enterprises, CCA can help your business navigate this process efficently, and effectively. 

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